Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Blog

Hey! I had to create a new blog site because I got sick of logging into mulitiple accounts. My primary Email is now a Gmail account, but BlogSpot wouldn't let me connect my old blog (yahoo account) with my new Gmail account. It was a pain in the neck! So anyways, I just created a new one using my Gmail account so now I can use my primary Email account for everything.

Anyways, my best friend was recently diagnosied with Multiple Sclerosis. :o( She really wants to get the new procedure done that has shown to really help people with MS. Its new, costly, and ins. is not paying for it yet. So i decided to help her out by having a little fundraiser for her. I made these Christmas tags to sell at work. (don't mind the cat paws, I couldn't get her away!)
I will be selling them 10 tags for $2. I put them in nice little sealed bags and have them in a basket. We will see how these sell and I will make more depending on the results. I hope that it's successful! I put some times into these & I really want to give my friend that money that I raise for Christmas. She doesn't know about it, so it will be a great surprise for her & her family. She has 2 young boys and a great Husband.

I also purchased a Crop-A-Dile last night. I really like the look of eyelets on cards and scrapbook pages, but I don't know how to do them. So I bought the crop-a-dile in hopes to figure them out. I tried it a bit last night, but my eyelets kept breaking. I'm not sure if I am squeezing too hard, or if my eyelets are just not good quality. They are Spare Parts brand from Hobby Lobby. Any ideas?? I love the hold punch on it though! It worked great for punching the holes for my tags!

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